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About Us



Welcome to my page!

My name is Adam and I am the Owner/Founder/Designer at One Link At A Time LLC. I specialize in D20 Keychain Dice Prisons for all your D&D and other RPG needs!

It all started when I was younger. I found a great hobby of making chainmaille. I got the wire in a roll and cut the rings myself. I made a vest and a coif (head piece) out of the same material as a chain link fence. I made it completely by hand.

Later in life, I discovered the art of making beautiful jewelry with colored rings. I fell in love with the creativity it takes to make something so unique.

I chose to design something beautiful and combine it with another passion, gaming. The D20 Keychain Prison was born. I found that there was more desire for those than anything else, so I turned that into my business.

It is more than a hobby. It is a passion, and I am glad you are here to experience it with me!

Thank you!

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