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UPDATED: 5/16/23

  • What are these dice used for?

    • Mostly D&D, but many other role-playing games (RPGs) use dice. Many board games also use dice. ​

  • How many dice come in a set and what are they?​

    • A full set includes 7 dice. They are a d4 (4 sides), d6 (6 sides), d8 (8 sides), d10 (10 sides), d10 (10 sides-percentage), d12 (12 sides), and d20 (20 sides). ​

  • How many types of dice do you have?​

    • Way too many to count! We have acrylic, resin, solid metal, hollow metal, stone, and crystal. We also have d60s and d100s in acrylic, solid metal, and hollow metal!​

  • Are the d20 keychain dice prisons functional?​

    • Yes! They are held together with a clasp so you can take it out for game play and cage it back up to take on the go!​

  • Where are you located? Where do you ship from? What time zone are you in?​

    • We are located in Oregon. We are in the Pacific Time Zone.​

  • How often do you go live?​

    • We try to go live as often as possible. We do not have set days/times at this time.​

  • What if I miss my live dice scoops?​

    • We post all of the lucky dice scoop lives on youtube so you can rewatch your scoops if you miss it (or just want to watch it again)!​

  • Why would someone need so many dice?​

    • Many people collect dice (called dice goblins). Others gift them or use them to customize their characters or game play. The element of randomness makes it all super fun!​

  • What all comes with a scoop of dice?​

    • You get about 60 acrylic dice, 1 solid metal, 1 hollow metal, and 1 bonus item (determined daily) per scoop. For every 2 scoops, you also get a bonus set of resin dice. ​

  • Do you have any larger order bonuses?​

    • Yes! For 6 scoops, you also get a bonus solid metal d100. For 8 scoops, you get a bonus hollow metal d100. For 10 scoops, you get a bonus set of solid or hollow metal dice, for 15 scoops, you get a bonus set of stone or crystal dice, and for 30 scoops, you get one of each! YOU CANNOT STACK LARGE ORDER BONUSES!

  • What are your daily bonuses?

    • We have d60s, d100s, mini sets of dice, astrology dice, pokemon dice, and logo dragon bags with mystery set of dice as our core bonuses at this time. These bonuses are subject to change without notice at any time.

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Payment Methods

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