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  • Are you feeling lucky??? With these pre-packaged lucky dice scoops, you are a winner, no matter what! 


    FLOOR: $40 VALUE




    • Copper: About 60-70 Acrylic Dice, 2 solid metal dice, 1 hollow metal die, 1 mini sword pendant (64%)
    • Silver: As above with added 7pc solid metal dice set (20%)
    • Gold: As above with added 7pc hollow metal dice set (10%)
    • Platinum: Half solid metal dice & half acrylic dice, 1 mini sword pendant (4%)
    • Diamond Dust: ALL SOLID METAL DICE, 1 mini sword pendant (2%)




    *You can choose to have it opened live or sent sealed to open at home!

    **GAME** Pre-Scooped Mystery Loot Boxes

    Out of Stock
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