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*LIVE* Lucky Dice Scoops

*LIVE* Lucky Dice Scoops


All LIVES are posted on Youtube as well, in case you missed it or want to share the awesomeness!


**If you purchase during the LIVE, your order will be scooped during the current show. If you purchase a LIVE scoop while we are not LIVE (if available), your order will be added to the queue for the next live show!



  • 1 scoop: About 50-60 acrylic dice + 1 solid metal + 1 hollow metal + 1 order bonus
  • 2 scoops (every 2 scoops): About 100-120 acrylic dice + 2 solid metal + 2 hollow metal + 1 order bonus + set of resin

BIGGER SCOOP EXTRA BONUSES (everything above plus):

  • 6 scoops: Solid metal d100
  • 8 scoops: Hollow metal d100
  • 10 scoops: Solid or hollow metal 7pc set
  • 15 scoops: Stone/crystal/glass 7pc set
  • 30 scoops: One of each bonus above (solid metal d100, hollow metal d100, solid or hollow metal 7pc set, stone/crystal/glass 7pc set)


With over 100 different types of sets in the mixture, you are sure to find your favorites!

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